When you get a cold or a cough what would you

by:Hetian     2020-05-10
You should drink warm water only and gargle with some slat in the water in short breaks; it soothes your throat and gives you a relief. Aloe Vera juice is also said to have medicinal properties. It can be had with water to make its healing properties work.Honey can be mixed with lemon and be consumed with luke warm water to help you with your cough.Garlic paste can be taken mixed with honey to enhance the taste also.Chewing on ginger roots is one of the best remedy that takes immense effect.You can add a pinch of turmeric powder (Haldi) in a cup of milk and drink twice a day. Warm hot soups with ginger, onions and other remedies is an age old remedy used by your own grand mother. When the symptoms of a cold, influenza, or cough appear, it indicates that there is waste matter and mucus in your system hampering a healthy and clear breathing. With intake of codeine doctors say that it is the most effective one. It does not only stop coughing but also reduces the bronchial irritation and relieves pain; its use is regulated since it is a narcotic and can be abused. To avoid, you should follow the prescribed dosage by your own physician. And to think if your child is the one to consume those, then its better you opt for the home remedies that takes care of his/her health. The good news is that most of the required ingredients for these old Home remedies may be there in your kitchen cupboard itself. If you come through a home remedy here that you would like to try, ask your doctor or the family physician what he thinks of it. If he tells you that he thinks it won't hurt; give it a chance and try it. You may be amused at how much these simple notions can help to give your child or yourself at least some relief. So it is better for you to avoid the factors that cause cough like smoking, inhalation of the microbes from the polluted air and avoid having any cough at all for you definitely want to avoid those anti-biotic if it worsens. Living lives a natural way with natural solutions is the best way ever and keeps you and your family members healthy and happy. So next time when you are sick or down with cold, don't forget to use your own grand ma's concoctions.
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