What's the doorway pod pepper pot planting? Spice plants to teach you

by:Hetian     2020-09-26
Capsicum frutescens var potted plant species selection ( 1) Red eagle 77 plants erect, 60 - plant height 70 cm, plant type is compact, strong growth potential, good resistance to disease. JiaoGuo 5 cm long, deep red color and individual manage to make do 6 - 7 collateral, stands a lateral branch 8 - manage to make do 10 pepper. In the late varieties, harvest time. ( 2) Red sky pod pepper plants thrive, branch, strong branches 10 strains - 15, plant height 60 centimeters, fruit-set rate is high. Rush on fruit growth. Long conical, fruit 5 - 6 cm, the color red. Concentration per cluster of fruit length and uniformity, the harvest time. Capsicum frutescens var potted potted seeding seedlings planted in spring suitable sowing time for mid to late march, with the kind of planting a travelling seedlings. Sichuan 50 - the soil before sowing 55 ℃ warm water, stirring edge into the, when the temperature drop to 30 ℃ to stop stirring. Soaked with 12 - Scoop out the seeds after 24 hours, seed soaking in 25 30 ℃ under the emergence, the 4 - 5 days for most seeds sow when the thief. To block water flooding, the soil before sowing after the water penetration, threat - On the block put a seed, a 1 cm thick layer of sifting fine soil). Flowerpot appropriate chooses 20 - diameter 25 centimeters advisable. During the day when the sun in a balcony warming, Yin south days can be moved to indoor. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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