What is the difference between spice and perfume?

by:Hetian     2020-08-22
Spices spices is using the plant seed, bud, stem, root, etc. , or its extract, irritating smell, give flavor to food, increase appetite, help digestion and absorption. Spices, essential oil ( Essential oil) , spicy composition and organic acid, fiber, starch grains, the composition such as resin, mucilage substance, colloid, most of its aroma of essential oil from the distillation. Many spices have antimicrobial antiseptic effect, as well as special physiological and pharmacological activities. Some spice and a number of prevent oxidation of the material. Commonly used function of the kinds of spices and aroma characteristic: the piquancy of hot pepper has a strong, can promote, stomachic, generally use chili powder, chili and shading effect in the soup. Fragrant ginger rhizome part has a strong pungent smell and refreshing flavor, powdered soup, ginger powder, commonly used liquid is easy to use fresh ginger soup. Garlic has a strong odor, spicy, can increase appetite, and stimulate the nervous system, make the blood circulation, eliminating fragrant and strong spicy, can cover up the smell in the soup, make generous soft fragrance, but in the powdered soup dosage is appropriate, not too large, the general dosage of 0. 5 - 1%. Chives with similar irritating odor of garlic, chili, dried chili, heated can present sweetness. Used in powder mixing soup, leading to a huge increase in aroma, with dehydration of leaf, add pieces of green ornament for instant noodles, inviting appetite. Pepper has a strong aroma and spicy taste, color is black, white, generally used white pepper, spicy soup indispensable, dosage of about 1 - 2. 5%. Chinese prickly ash has special aroma and intense spicy, and spicy lasting, is in north China and the indispensable condiment, is commonly used in a spicy soup. Cinnamon has special aroma and excitant umami, powder dosage is 0 in the soup. 5 - 1%. Star anise has special aroma, sweet. In the powder soup dosage is about 0. 5 - 1%. Sharp flavor spices, spicy flavor mainly refers to the food seasoning flavouring or essential oils used in dry powder. Humans began to some to have the irritating as old drugs used for food, their essential oil content is higher, has a strong flavor, is sweet, not only can promote appetite, improve the food flavor, but also the function of sterilization antisepsis. Now not only the spice powder, and essential oil or oil resin in the form of products. Spices (subdivided into five types: 1, there are thermal and spicy flavor, such as pepper, ginger, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, chilly, etc. 2, pungent spices such as garlic, onion, onion, leek, horseradish, etc. 3, fragrant spices such as bay, cinnamon, cloves, and all the incense, incense was knocking, meat, beans, etc. 4, vanilla flavor, such as fennel, of a child ( Kyi fennel) , liquorice, thyme and cumin, etc. 5, color effect of spices, such as turmeric, red pepper, saffron, etc. Mixed spices mixed spices, it is to mix several kinds of spices, mixed with special aroma. Its representative varieties are: curry powder, chili powder, spices. Spices spices, commonly used in Chinese cuisine, with fennel, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, dried tangerine or orange peel and other five kinds of raw materials to make, has a good smell. Chili powder, chili powder, the main ingredient is the hot pepper, the mixed with fennel, garlic, etc. , with special spicy flavor. Curry powder is mainly composed of aromas of spices, spicy chili and tonal give priority to the three parts such as colour spices. Blending ratio is commonly: 40% spices, spicy is 20%, color spice 30%, other 10%. Particular way is not limited to, of course, this, changing mixing proportion, can make all kinds of unique styles of curry powder.
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