What about word-of-mouth of Hetian?
Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. currently has been widely acknowledged by clients. Hetian made by large technology is of excellent functionality and high quality, that has gained more and more fame by clients at home and overseas. Considerate and expert support provided by our skilled employees is spoken highly of by customers.

Ginger powder under the Hetian brand is very popular in this industry. Hetian's main products include jalapeno powder series. wesweet paprika powder is designed employing with the shock-resistance structure. This structure effectively solves the problems of lights falling off and yoke fracture due to the vibration. Processed by dust-free machines, the product is highly sanitary. our team has mature and stable production process and quality control system. It will not easily lose its flavor over time.

We concern local development condition. People can see our efforts in helping the communities from various aspects. We recruit local employees, source local resources, and encourage our suppliers to support the local businesses. Inquire!
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