What about the maximum supply of whole dried ginger by Hetian per month?
We are flexible to cater to orders in small quantity and also competent enough to supply order in large quantity. Our maximum supply of whole dried ginger per month is uncertain. It largely depends on our customers’ requirements for quantity, design, size, or others as we mainly focus on made-to-order production. With the continuous improvement of our facilities and production methods, we get higher productivity and flexibility and we believe that our supply capacity will get higher month by month.

The widespread popularity of the Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. brand demonstrates its powerful features. Hetian's main products include chilli spices series. The power efficiency of Hetian cooking spices suppliers directly influences its lighting efficiency. This product is carefully designed with a power that can effectively transform the 220V AC into DC. This product helps fight inflammation and reduce damage to the body’s cells. Excellent production and perfect after-sales service guarantee system are Hetian's high-quality commitments to every customer. The product has potent antioxidant activity.

We have made plans to participate actively in solving communities issues through our business-related, business-affected projects and activities. We will donate our products to the local people or the community to promote economic growth. Inquire now!
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