What about Hetian production equipment?
The production equipment has been introduced into Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. and has been well running for years. The equipment is operated by well trained workers. The production is stable and flexible. In general, the production is suspended once for maintenance every year.

Hetian has its own advantage to make jalapeno powder with top quality. Hetian's main products include ginger powder series. During the research and development stage, Hetian jalapeno powder recipes are seriously investigated and designed to prevent the generation of infrared radiation. With a stable chemical structure, it does not easily react with other substances. our company possess a highly-efficient management team, strong R&D ability, professional customer service and large e-business platform. Its color and aroma will not fade easily.

We respect every one of our employees. We place employees at the heart of our concern, respecting in their diversities, including gender, age, disability, origin, and ability. We provide them equal and corresponding treatment. Contact!
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