What about CIF of chinese dried red chili peppers ?
CIF is changed based on demand, port of destination, etc. Under CIF (= Cost, Insurance and Freight), we are responsible for providing insurance coverage for dried red chili peppers while in transit for 110% of their value. It is our indispensable duty to guarantee the product quality and safety. We offer strong support even though the product leaves for the destination.

The Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. brand are gaining more and more attention due to a moderate development. Hetian's main products include chilli spices series. Hetian [ginger root powder undergoes curing and post-curing of epoxy resin. Post-curing is highly essential for bonding epoxy resin with a printed circuit board(PCB), meanwhile, it is also a thermal aging process for LED. The product helps in maintaining healthy bacterial growth in the large intestine. The product has excellent performance and stable and reliable quality. It is not prone to moisture and heat.

In order to be socially responsible, we have made a plan for energy conservation and emission reduction and we will continue to carry out the plan all the time. So far, we have achieved progress in emission reduction during our production. Check it!
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