We made pepper pepper grains steps themselves

by:Hetian     2020-08-27
At home how to buy pepper grains to make pepper, pepper manufacturer of small steps to share with you. Buy pepper grains first pick out the bad, the flat, looks not qualified, first take a look at oneself buy back is dry or fresh pepper, if dry mash directly is ok, if it's fresh pepper, pepper to the peel them dry and then to dolly, some friends also can be like in a pan, stir fry, everyone has their own way, it is good to finally get the finished product. To stamp can be used when grinding machine, choose good pepper grain in the grinding machine, grinding. Grinding good pepper grains in a sealed jar using up when needed. No grinding machine also has a very good way to put pepper grains in the self-styled bag, valve bag, of course, should choose the thickness of a bit thicker, otherwise it is broken. After sealed mouth with a rolling pin roll, a moment is crushed into powder. After the first roll with a small sieve sieve it, took a bigger screen to add the self-styled bag rolling pressure again. In an airtight jar with slowly. This way, won't make pepper grains run everywhere is clean and sanitary. Do pepper steps about himself just like this, more content to continue to pay attention to us!
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