Top secret barbecue food formula is it - Barbecue special-purpose dry chili

by:Hetian     2020-09-29
Classification of barbecue, barbecue food refers to meat or fish vegetables on the hob, fire or high temperature furnace with carbon by moderately high temperature, make the material surface generated epidural are golden, include the fragrance, made with a unique burnt smell of cooking. Can be divided into direct fire or fire between two kinds of barbecue, barbecue fire straight is the manner in which puts food directly on the fire barbecue, has the following several types: 【 Biscuit firing. Food without seasoning, directly on the fire barbecue, to fish for, besides can keep original, more to red in the efficacy of 【 Salt burn 】 With salt smearing the ingredients barbecue again can, suitable for barbecue fish and seafood 【 Miso burn 】 A barbecue side with salt and soy sauce, and then coated with miso to add flavor, with fish, tofu and bai luobo can highlight its unique flavor mellow. In either type of barbecue grill must be high quality special dry chili. Spice plants, barbecue special dried chilli and barbecue soon, for the barbecue special-purpose soon, which has a fierce type hot spicy, medium spicy spicy and mild spicy, spiciness and color can customize according to customer needs. Fierce hot spicy type: use spices plant more south wild pepper, hot pepper production base of all over the sky star, chili king, capsicum frutescens, fierce spicy varieties; After dried again through baking, stir fragrance! Crush again. In hot spicy type: use spices plant more tianyu hot pepper production base, a new generation, the thorns in hot varieties, such as dried by again after baking, stir fragrance, shredded again. Spicy spicy type: how to adopt to plant chili pepper base line, skyhawk pepper, spicy varieties, dried and then through baking, stir fragrance! Crush again. Spice plants for dry chili quality control is very strict. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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