Think of red pepper, miss hometown hunan taste

by:Hetian     2020-09-22
Shandong people, chili from snacks to big 'spicy girl from hot not afraid, not afraid of spicy hot girl grew up, hot girl married afraid not spicy, hang a string of chili touch your mouth. 'Is not only a sister likes to eat hot pepper in shandong, shandong people like to eat chili. In the shandong very young children can eat spicy. Even children can just eat, is no exception. No chili, unable to eat anything. Chili can trigger the shandong most people homesickness from snacks spicy I grew up, although the outer drift for so many years, though diet has been getting used to, but I still can't change the habit of eating spicy. Especially lingnan side, inside the dishes rarely put pepper, diet is light. Remember just came, school canteen food always no chili, eat into his mouth is really taste at all, is this time special miss home food. View a few classmates are in shandong, often bring your own bottle of chili sauce, brought to the dining hall to eat. Students see the pepper when food we eat, all with big eyes, curiously ask: 'you are not afraid of spicy? Such a fire at the meeting? 'I smile said:' all right, habit at an early age, early exercise. 'Especially when you go out to eat boiled fish, they don't dare to eat, but let me a person to steal to smile, take, you can enjoy a wonderful meal without scruple. Wait for work, every time go to the market, always brought back a few jins of peppers, or scrambled or Fried, or get red hot peppers with ginger, minced garlic, hot pepper sauce. A lot of people when you chop chili hot hand, always don't know what to do. At home, mother chopped hot pepper, hand will set a plastic bag, otherwise it's easy to hot hand, that'd be in trouble! But no matter what to do, feel not the taste of home. Chilli fish head, located in the hometown of the hometown hot taste shrimp, I always don't face! Whenever festivals home phone, always does not forget told the old man at home to do more chopped hot pepper. That's a hot girl favorite! Sometimes can't back home, the family always thinking, please help to bring a few pot hot pepper sauce. Perhaps in others it seems nothing, but that to me is a kind of missing for hometown, in the family is to oneself deep love! Shandong people's feelings, life in the hot, hot to convey. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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