The use of pepper manufacturer: salt have skills to speak of

by:Hetian     2020-08-26
Pepper manufacturer: salt in the cooking process is often used together with the other ingredients, in use process inevitable role between several kinds of spices, to form a composite flavor. Generally said, adding trace vinegar, salt can make the salty, add vinegar amount is large, can make the salty. Whereas vinegar add a small amount of salt, can make the sour, add a lot of salt after the sour weakened; Add sugar, salt can make the salty. Adding trace salty sweet, can increase the sweetness to a certain extent. Add MSG can make the salty salty moderate, adding a small amount of salt, MSG can increase the fresh degree of the MSG. 1, add salt before cooking salt before raw material heating, the purpose is to make the raw material has a basic salty, and contraction. In the use of blasting, blasting, smooth the cooking methods such as distillation, slippery fry, can be combined with sizing, hang paste, and add some salt. Because this kind of cooking method of main ingredient was wrapped in a layer of paste, flavour is not in, so must add salt before cooking. 2 add salt, cooking in the use of fire, burning, boiled, stewed, simmer, slide techniques such as cooking, add salt to the cooking. Then add salt when dishes maturation, reduce the salt to the osmotic pressure of the dishes, keep dishes, pine, the nutrient loss. After 3, cooking salt after the completion of the heated salt, mainly Fried cooked dishes is such. Fried and sprinkle with salt and pepper and other spices. Above is the manufacturer of pepper to bring information, learn more related knowledge introduction, welcome to focus on our official website!
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