The six common characteristics of spices

by:Hetian     2020-08-25
Is a great variety of spices, shape, smell, efficacy, but also has some common characteristics, below, spices manufacturer, we briefly introduce the six common characteristics of spices. 1, the vast majority of XinWen referred to in the spices belongs to the traditional Chinese medicine herbs, remove cold, temperature, the effect of qi. 2, in normal usage function without damage to human body, or can improve the function of the body. 3, have antioxidant, antibacterial, antiseptic function. Spice plants to protect themselves against diseases and pests, evolved a special smell and taste, antioxidant, antibacterial effect. 4, has the characteristics of the typical odor or aroma, such as Chinese prickly ash, represented by sesame flavor, give priority to with spicy pepper, amomum villosum is outstanding fragrant smell, and so on. 5, spices contain volatile substances, is the main components of the flavor substances, can be initially determined with the shade of odour quality. 6, including part often focused on the specific organs of the plant, such as: clove bud, Chinese prickly ash with fruit, cinnamon with leather, dahurian angelica root etc. Above is about spices spices manufacturers bring six big share common characteristics, the company spices, price concessions, welcome to wholesale purchases.
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