The secret tunnel of shandong chili red oil? Spice plants reveal to you

by:Hetian     2020-09-27
To make the shandong chili red oil only the 6 step 1. Pot put a lot of oil, a small fire, under all the spices, in order to make 'sesame oil', calculated on the basis of observing the change of ginger oil cooked degrees, usually after color change can take out the ginger. ( Here don't go overboard, spices were once far taste is bitter) Filter out all the spices only part of the oil ( Filter also be careful not to leave any spices residue, otherwise the spices in the edible stage even residue will be affect taste) 。 2. All the pepper cut up, put a little bit at the bottom of the oil in a frying pan, fry chili, the goal has two, stir-fry, preheating in the chili oil before the heat can make the smell of pepper more outstanding, another role is to remove excess water, make chili more crisp and more fragile. 3. Put the cooked chilli in mashed in the stone mortar, is also used for home cooking machine or fall to the ground. 4. At this time of the heat just finished sesame oil, temperature at the time of 50 degrees take out part of the spray on the hot pepper, this is the first bubble, you can understand to make pepper stretch. 5. While waiting for the oil temperature rise to 100 degrees to rain again, for the second bubble, in order to make the pepper drying up. 6. Finally when the oil temperature of 150 degrees to all pour, also is the last bubble, the last of this red color came out. The pot is a sea of joy, each particle is alive. In such a progressive type under the action of the oil temperature to make the aroma of pepper, spiciness, color increasing step by step. Perfume factory, shandong chili high quality wholesale spices factory since its inception, always adhere to the pure natural, pollution-free production and processing of planting, spices dried chilli their production and sales of the factory, for wholesale business, with cutting edge information and price system, price of accompanying; Such as purchasing contract, the contract period, calculate price according to the contract price; Can be booked dried chilli, so as not to affect your cost accounting; Spice plants dried chillies, long-term supply, price stability, quality assurance. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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