The price of spices fennel compatible or not to eat more

by:Hetian     2020-08-26
Today as the price of the spices manufacturers together to know about the fennel. In general, fennel is can be eaten raw, but, will taste is bad, suggest or cooked to eat better. Although fennel high nutritional value, but also cannot too much to eat. Fennel to eat many easy to cause fire. There are many more appropriate eating fennel good. Fennel vegetables are rich in vitamin B1, B2, C, PP, carotene and cellulose, caused it to have special spicy smell of fennel oil, can stimulate the nerve of gastrointestinal blood vessels, have the effect of jianwei and qi, so it is an excellent vegetables with meat and oil. Fennel vegetables cooked food or wine YinFu, feasible gas, cold and pain. Fennel shoots Ye Sheng dao juice drinks or external treatment, remedy the evil carbuncle swollen. Small fennel, also known as incense, fennel, aniseed, food ( Sichuan, guizhou) For umbrelliferae plant fennel dry ripe fruit. This product formerly known as huai xiang, beginning in tang materia medica. Sung said, northerners of fennel, sound similar to conceive. Little, tao hongjing. . . call: cook rotten meat, no odor, smelly sauce into the incense, also at the end of the yue fennel. Li shizhen said, seen many short of the accused to chew, could conceive of, or so. Anise also wait to be called aniseed or octagon, mainly produced in guangdong, guangxi, fennel, as a kind of important spices, can remove red, board, smelly and unpleasant smell, therefore in the beef stew, braise in soy sauce meat when people don't forget to put a few star anise in it. Fried thick flavour of vegetarian dishes can also put a small amount, and pickles, pickled eggs put some also can have very good taste. , however, cannot use, is the food such as taste made food and easy when fresh chicken stew with fennel, otherwise the smell is too strong to cover the fresh scent of vegetables, meat, itself, is a little do the opposite.
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