The most common dry chili nature, disasters, rounding of diseases and pests

by:Hetian     2020-09-30
Dry red pepper is the most common natural disasters of low temperature chilling injury and frost damage: pepper in the process of growth and development in low temperature chlorophyll decreased slightly at or near the petioles yellow spots, slow growth of the strain, produce low-temperature chilling injury. In case of low temperature above the freezing point, leaf, and leaf margin were under water patches, leaves turn brown or dark brown, present green withered, after some lead to falling leaves and fruit drop. Chili hot obstacle: plastic greenhouses or greenhouse cultivation of sweet pepper, often high temperature damage. Is the victim of leaf chlorophyll fade at the beginning of blade on irregular patches bleaching shaped, or just after the turn yellow. Light it is only just burn, heavy spread half leaf or the whole blade, eventually to the permanent wilting or dry. Dry pepper virus disease, the most common diseases and pests disaster virus disease incidence characteristics: pepper virus disease is related to climate condition and the density of aphids occurred, in the high temperature, drought, too much sunshine intensity and climate conditions, chili disease-resistant ability is abate, at the same time promoted the occurrence of aphids, breeding, cause pepper virus disease; Colonize the chili partial or late planting on the low-lying, soil barren land disease is more serious; With the onset of solanaceae vegetables, continuous cropping is serious; Method of prevention and cure: virus disease should give priority to in order to prevent, in A timely prevention and control of aphids, such as rice planthopper vectorborne poison at the same time, in seedling stage and engraftment after timely spraying 20% virus A wettable powder 500 times liquid or 400-20% of the virus buster Every 5-600 times liquid, control Spray a 7 day. Anthrax, anthracnose disease features: the anthrax is recurrent disease on pepper, anthracnose major hazard nearly ripe pepper fruit, fruit disease. Especially in high temperature season, fruit by burns, easy to concurrent anthrax make fruit completely out of commodity value. Leaf disease occurs on the old familiar blade, brown disease spot suborbicular, also produce wheel alignment of small black spots, serious when can cause the fallen leaves. Moist fruit disease, come first, brown oval or irregular shaped disease spot, slightly concave, pitting surface appear ring striate orange red small grains, into a black dot, after this a conidium plate for germs. Pale pink overflow when the weather is wet granular viscous material, this a conidium for germs. When the weather is dry, dry shrinkage of disease thinned into paper shape and easy broken. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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