The more beautiful the dry chili less safe? Is it true!

by:Hetian     2020-09-02
Pretty dry dry chili peppers may not be safety is cooked food, restaurant and home often used a seasoning, however, some bright color, very attractive, high price of dried chilli is likely to be using industrial sulfur smoked, containing sulfur dioxide toxins. Recently, the market supervision bureau staff did a little experiment: at a farmers' market various bought half jins of red and yellow dry chili, after a hot pepper cut up respectively from each from in a container, add a little water. After 15 minutes, mineral water and didn't change. Then, workers will be a special testing so2 reagents respectively drip into the pepper water, at this time, '' a miracle happened: red pepper spray did not change, but it began to appear yellow yellow pepper spray. Compare the staff with professional color swatches, found that have a high content of sulfur dioxide in yellow pepper spray. How to determine quality dry red pepper according to the theory of medicinal records, 'sulfur, taste sweet, have big poison', by the into the kidney, liver, spleen by. Human consumption of sulphur fumigated things, can damage the digestive tract and respiratory system, the organ in the mucosa damage, lead to mutation. In addition also have damage to liver, kidney and other organs. If the consumption is bigger or long-term edible, can cause chronic poisoning. So, how to distinguish between high quality dry red pepper? Shandong spices plant quantico always teach you a few action. Buy dried chili, have a look at the two smell three touch. A look, is to see the complete degree, dried chilli crushed, to see if the surface is clean, there is no mildew to change, if there is a moth. Second to smell, it is have to smell the flavor of the Moscow, there is no any peculiar smell good dried chilli, some businessmen in order to keep the colour and lustre of chili, will use some chemical agent, will remain some peculiar smell, and the color also will be more bright, so the more nice peppers are not necessarily superior quality. Three touch, touches the dryness of chili, if there is a return, is not perfect. Wholesale perfume factory, shandong dry chili, dried chili wholesale suppliers, if you are interested in our products, welcome to click on the right side of the page online customers, or call, are looking forward to your consultation!
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