The market of 8 kinds of common dried chillies, which USES parsing

by:Hetian     2020-08-29
Line pepper, bullet, bell pepper, all over the sky star line pepper the main purpose of alternaria alternata from shawan Ann sea side, spicy chili, slender, so called the line pepper, application is very extensive, cut can big chicken, stir-fry chow mein, powder can be used to beef noodles, SaoZi oil chili sauce material below. Bullet type spicy chili, bright color and the degree is high, the taste is unique, seed thick skin, mainly used for hot pot, pepper MaJi broth. Bell pepper, spicy chili, thin skin, bright color and the main used to spicy soup pot, hot pot bed charge, more spicy. All over the sky star, also known as seven stars pepper szechuan, pepper, confession, native to sichuan spicy pepper, color beautiful, degree is high, the main used in hot pot soup, seafood dishes. A new generation of pepper, chili king in fujian province and millet, the devil pepper, the main purpose of a new generation of agriculture in henan, shandong, the hot pepper, color red, the price is cheap, use widely in particular, can be used in any restaurant, cut, powder. Fujian king of pepper, hot pepper, main used for hotpot restaurant, pepper MaJi, clusters of fragrant air soup is special, unique flavor. Vietnam pepper, commonly known as millet pepper, hot pepper, beige, high import pepper spiciness, mainly some catering industry increase the spiciness. The devil pepper, S17 pepper, hot pepper, India imports chili, spiciness in CC, average person can not stand, doesn't seem to agree with chili is not recommended to eat, a lot of food and beverage industry to increase the spiciness. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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