The legendary the three pepper spice

by:Hetian     2020-08-23
There are three pepper in the legendary spices, everybody know what three pepper? Spice factory price of small make up to tell everyone about it. First pepper, chili peppers are native to tropical South America, the late Ming dynasty was introduced into China xiang chu, contains capsaicin, capsaicin strong spicy taste and aroma, except as a condiment, but also has antioxidant and shading effect, while vitamin C ( Crown of vitamin C for vegetables) , citric acid and other trace elements. The second pepper, Chinese prickly ash prickly ash in product application is used for raw material with the first code smell, pickling, in order to go rancid odor of the role; 2 it is up to avoid xing, and the effect of the raw material used in production in addition to Chinese prickly ash, also includes zanthoxylum oil products, powder products, and so on, this kind of product due to their high hemp taste, easy to use, product taste even more rich, the dosage in gradually increase. Third pepper, pepper, black pepper spicy heavier, functions more powerful, cold, spicy in the belt, remove red in flavor, more is used in the production of the internal products, seafood products, can make the products with spicy, delicious and stomach. Black pepper can also be used for food and beverage stew, cooked meat and hot pot black pepper is one of the most widely used spices throughout the world. White pepper is moderate, tastes more downy, faint scent, the role of detoxification, and stomach, cold, catering to add mutton soup, can warm the lung phlegm. Vegetables products add a small amount of white pepper, can go to cold warm. White pepper is used in production and processing of fish products, is a kind of ideal seasoning. In the United States, white pepper and often used as a light sauce or mashed potatoes and other production and processing of food seasoning
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