The hometown of capsicum frutescens var 丨 jinxiang from the Ming dynasty began planting capsicum frutescens var

by:Hetian     2020-10-07
Jinxiang capsicum frutescens var, the Ming dynasty began planting of capsicum frutescens var according to website sourced wang jianwen, deputy head of jinxiang, jinxiang cultivation of capsicum frutescens var, since the Ming dynasty to the qing dynasty, jinxiang pod pepper has a higher reputation. 'After years of improved varieties, production of jinxiang pod pepper, color red, flesh thick, thin, the skin firm, especially high content of capsicum red pigment, rich in a variety of nutrients, 40 can be as fresh vegetables, flavorings, and can be used as a natural pigment, pharmaceutical raw materials. 'Talking about the advantages of local chili, website sourced wang jianwen charting. Website sourced wang jianwen said: 'deep processing of not only spicy chili sauce and refreshing, and promote the blood circulation, improve heart function, benefiting stomach and spleen fall blood sugar etc. 'Spice plants, many catering companies look for the pod pepper wholesale produce spice plants with numerous national famous catering enterprises maintained a good relationship for many years. Such as Qingdao old restaurant chain - — Qingdao interior floor restaurant, has lasted for two years, only choose spice plants; Chapter shandong famous leisure food production and sales enterprises, the duck, veteran LuZhiPin processors long ya, and so on has maintained the cooperation relations, the company main business: pod pepper, wild pepper, dried chili and all kinds of dried chili products, such as spice factory cooperation with hybird seed industry, the main food safety concept: with natural pollution-free green product is given priority to, kind of a chain, production, sales, quality guaranteed. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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