The effect of four kinds of common spices in the kitchen

by:Hetian     2020-08-27
Spices price: the kinds of spices are various, kinds, function is different also, today for you to introduce the effect of four kinds of spices. 1, garlic: mix cold diarrhea garlic can have very good sterilization effect. When making salad, add mashed garlic, can titian gas, open the appetite and increase the flavor. Especially in summer, bacteria thrive, enteritis and diarrhea, digestive system disease happens, cooking add garlic, can have very good sterilization effect. 2, scallion, congee chill cold cure worship is a divergence, can help sweating. With chill cold, cook some white porridge, inside put some scallion, hot to eat, then the whole body will be slightly out some sweat, to ease the symptoms of a cold is very effective. In addition, with scallion boiled water, add brown sugar, can also play a good role in cold. However, for summer to blow air conditioning, eat cold excessive who has a cold, not suitable for in this way. Although is catch cold catch cold cause a cold, but it does not belong to chill cold, should help to switch to purple Perilla leaf, ageratum leaf drugs such as summer, clearing damp, nourish. 3, dried tangerine or orange peel ginger: ginger boiled water stop vomiting can nourish the stomach, vomiting, people with symptoms of motion sickness, under the tongue with a slice of ginger can relieve discomfort. Pregnant women in pregnancy reaction, if not particularly severe, can use the ginger boil water to relieve symptoms. In addition, add some dried tangerine or orange peel can help down-regulated. According to introducing, 'the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine 'stomach Lord drop, normal, should be sinking stomach gas. Dried tangerine or orange peel to gas, its fragrance can increase appetite. 'Moreover, ginger and dried tangerine or orange peel has the effect of fetus. 4, Chinese prickly ash anise: do navel stick to treat abdominal pain these spices flavor is thick, seldom eat directly and is generally used to stew, braised tofu, etc. , through to curative effect. When the pain is very severe, can use Chinese prickly ash, clove, such as grinding into powder, adding water into bread, apply on the navel, help the body chill out, treat cold abdominal pain, stomach pain, waist pain, menstrual cramps, etc are effective, it is also a kind of important method to cure disease outside inside. Above is the price of spices manufacturers to bring information, learn more related knowledge introduction, welcome to our official website.
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