The effect of Chinese prickly ash leaves and its effect

by:Hetian     2020-08-22
Chinese prickly ash leaves prickly ash wholesale manufacturers to share with you the effect and function, the following, we learn together! 1, the old disease can be cured the anchor leg soft: 50 g with Chinese prickly ash, 20 g blend to pan fry, cummin and grind into powder, twice a day, every time 3 g, use warm water to take. Taking Chinese prickly ash, can treat corns: 3 ~ 5 grain, a head of garlic, worship about 10 cm long, a total of mash, such as mud, besmear is on toilet paper, on the sore, fixed tape, 24 hours a day off, usually 1 ~ 2 times or more. 3, the worm ileus: 100 ~ 200 grams with sesame oil, put the pot, put Chinese prickly ash 15 ~ 20 grams, the micro focal or remove to abandon, stay zanthoxylum oil lukewarm when served at a time. 4, to treat cold dysmenorrhea: will Chinese prickly ash 9 ~ 12 grams, the ginger 18 ~ 24 g, jujube 10 ~ 20 water 300 milliliter decoction, a dose of daily, points and two in the morning and evening temperature. 5, to treat biliary ascariasis: 30 grams of micro gently fry peppercorns, 9 grams of ebony, 2 ~ 3 times a day; Or Chinese prickly ash 9 ~ 12 g research into fine powder, egg 1 ~ 2, with vegetable oil, stir until cooked. 2 ~ 3 times a day. , Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturers to introduce here, today like this article can collect once, for a rainy day!
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