The dried chilli wholesale market wholesale market in the country

by:Hetian     2020-10-02
Wangdu, jinxiang, Wu Cheng region pimentos wangdu region today opening price sale, 30 tons loading in the market, the supply of goods is given priority to with gradeless and uniformly priced goods time gradeless and uniformly priced goods, most of the purchase price in August. 50 - 9. 50 yuan/jin, a single high-quality goods quotation 10. 00 yuan/jins, the rolls source more stock up for the factory, generally no deal. Jinxiang region local business, now pimentos price is higher, customers buy not active, local part has shipment will store business, but the price is relatively insist, trading slightly stalemate. Now three cherry pepper products supply in 10 quotation. Around 30 yuan/kg. Wu Cheng region pimentos keep prices rose slightly, local libraries scattered supply source, a small amount of local charge according to the demand of more slowly push the acquisition, but the owner much higher prices, clinch a deal. Good three cherry pepper 10 quotation. 00 yuan/jins, 8. 5 into dry offer 9. 50 - 9. 80 yuan/jin, red sun, and a new generation of good offer 9. 20 - 9. 30 yuan/kg. Zhecheng jingxin diamond, Inner Mongolia kailu, linying region pimentos zhecheng jingxin diamond production areas in the overall price pimentos prices leveled off, market sale is still not lively. Three cherry pepper products supply quantity is less, gradeless and uniformly priced goods class goods clinch a deal quickly. Big pepper demand continues to improve, Beijing red prices rose slightly. Now three cherry pepper products offer 10. 30 - 10. 50 yuan/jin, Beijing red to the offer is 7. About 50 yuan/kg. Inner Mongolia kailu area market continued rising trend, now outside the library sources to demolition, the rolls a small amount of outbound, pimentos, supply remains tight in the market, the merchants to buy active, Beijing red prices rise again. Beijing red pimentos 6 quotation. 40 - 6. 50 yuan/jin, one thousand jins red general supply of goods 5 quotation. 30 - 5. 50 yuan/kg. Frozen fresh chili market stability, frozen jinta quote 2500 yuan/tons. Linying region market continues to run hard, less volume within the local market, more than the owner upon goods rised, pimentos catch up more price. Three cherry pepper good offer 10. 30 yuan/jins, bullet chili king such as follow up. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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