The difference between spices manufacturer: pepper and Chinese prickly ash

by:Hetian     2020-08-23
Spices manufacturer: in our life more and more short of little not the use of spices, when cooking cooking often put some spices to flavor, such as: pepper and Chinese prickly ash, the use of these two kinds of pepper frequency is very high in life, pepper and Chinese prickly ash is not only a common spices, also has high medicinal value, releasing cold drugs while they both belong to the temperature, can be used to treat rou GUI due to spleen deficiency cold cold pain, cold diarrhea disease, but they have differences, let's specific and see it. Pepper and Chinese prickly ash is the difference between Chinese prickly ash, also known as sichuan pepper, sichuan pepper, reddish brown, is made up of Chinese prickly ash or green peppers dry ripe fruit, originally from China. Although also known as the 'pepper', and black pepper, white pepper is completely different genera, Chinese prickly ash than pepper taste spicy, and sweet and hemp, xin, spicy. Chinese prickly ash mainly can be divided into: big Chinese prickly ash, small Chinese prickly ash, beans, pepper and green pepper. Big oil pepper, Chinese prickly ash, also known as one with red sauce, fragrance thick; Little pepper, Chinese prickly ash, also known as dog fruit is smaller than big Chinese prickly ash, the skin is a little thin, with strong fragrance smell; Bean pepper and white pepper, fruit thin skin, a long handle, light fragrance; Green pepper is also called the seven Chinese prickly ash, green, brown, though poor quality. Wen releasing cold Chinese prickly ash, appetizers spleen, dehumidification pain, insect repellent sterilization, diuresis detumescence, antidiarrheal to cure rheumatism, and so on, also used in local anesthesia analgesic, anti-aging, enhance secretory function, etc. Buy Chinese prickly ash, to buy the whole grain is better than to buy powder, ground into a powder of Chinese prickly ash, its fragrance is easy to lost. Spices manufacturer: pepper originated from India in tropical rain forests, then was introduced into China. Pepper mainly can be divided into white pepper and black pepper, in addition, there are red pepper and green pepper. The difference between black pepper and white pepper are with pepper fruit and only USES a different pepper fruit mature stage, thus causing the difference of skin color and effect. Pepper fruit containing volatile oil, piperine, crude fat, crude protein and other ingredients, with scattered cold warm, stomachic, treating indigestion, cold phlegm, enteritis, bronchitis, colds, rheumatism, etc. Pepper and Chinese prickly ash, which can be used to treat with spleen and stomach often caused by cold, abdominal pain, cold diarrhea and other symptoms.
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