The characteristics of plant spices and seasoning function _ plant spices manufacturers

by:Hetian     2020-08-22
Natural plant spices variety, different flavor characteristics, almost all have very strong in flavor, but also different characteristics, some titian flavoured, some help taste flavor, some can in addition to red or smelly, allocate different flavor should choose different spices. Spicy material usually can increase appetite, fragrant smell strong material have deodorization, smelly masking effect. In animal foods such as fish, meat, spices smelly masking effect is very important. Can strongly inhibit the fishy smell with onion, bay, Perilla leaf, etc. , and cinnamon, cloves, ginger, etc. Also has certain inhibitory effect. In addition, the aroma of spices also inhibits other unpleasant taste. Inhibition of shan smelly effect of Perilla leaf, thyme, cloves, and of spices. Chicken, fish, shellfish, mainly choose have deodorization effect of spices; Most vegetables its aroma is light, the use of spices carefully, with a moderate amount of aromatic spices advisable; For a meat such as beef, pork, lamb, not only choose the strong deodorization effect of spices, with fragrant spices titian, can enhance appetite of spices used at the same time, to overcome the effect of thick oil from anorexia. Different kinds of edible herbs of the object of spiced vary, such as coriander seed is suitable for poultry, aquatic products, vegetables, beans; Cumin suitable for grains and beans; Ginger is suitable for the birds; Black pepper, Chinese prickly ash, chili, turmeric, mustard, onion and garlic is suitable for almost all meat, poultry and vegetables; And cloves, cardamom is can be used for different styles of flavor fragrant, titian. Western food also extensive use of spices, to increase fragrance and flavor, color, its distribution is more complex and the characteristics of outstanding; In addition, some spicy vegetables such as Onions, celery, horseradish, parsley, celery, etc are widely used in meat and vegetable dish food, soups, sauces, etc in the process of production. Generally speaking, different food to use different spices. But there are also some are habitual practice, like oil immersion of sardines and canned meat to put 1 piece of bay leaves.
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