Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the islands that

by:Hetian     2020-05-21
Those staying in one of the many island resorts will find a variety of restaurants to choose from, some of which offer unique outdoor settings at the beach where to enjoy a romantic meal with a loved one. The meals range from local dishes to international cuisine including those from such Asian countries as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and China. Fish is one of the specialities in Maldivian cuisine, especially tuna. 'Maldive Fish' is one of the country's signature local dishes, while other varieties of seafood are popular as well. Some resorts also arrange for guests to help in the process of catching the fish which will be used for ones meal. Influenced by Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines, local dishes are most often full of spices and provide an exotic dining experience. Spices such as cardamom, chilli, ginger and pepper are commonly used in the cooking process as are lime and coconut. There are also many local bite sized delicacies such as 'kulhi boakibaa' which is a kind of fishcake aad 'masroshi' a pancake with fish filling. It is not just spicy dishes and savoury items that are popular here, but sweet dishes as well. Local desserts include 'huni hakuru folhi' which incorporates flour, sugar and scraped coconut and 'githeyo boakiba' which has such ingredients as onions and flour. Be it within the confines of an elegant restaurant to a magical candlelit seaside setting under the stars, the resorts in the Maldives offer a variety of private dining experiences where one can sample a range of dishes including some of the island's traditional seafood cuisine. Travellers in search of a memorable holiday experience can stay at a Maldives island resort that offers a secluded getaway by the sea. Those wanting to sample both local and international cuisine can stay at Maldives all inclusive resorts that offer a wide range of dining options. One such destination is the Kuramathi Island Resort with its variety of wining and dining venues.
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