Spices two categories

by:Hetian     2020-08-28
Spices: some spices can make food flavor and correct some bad smell in the food, it have the effect of the appetite, help digestion, is indispensable to people welcome and even additives. In addition, according to the report of Japanese scholars, spice seasoning and beneficial to physical health, have to kill parasites, to prevent the body fat, and so on. Can be divided into two categories, spicy and aromatic spices. A, spicy flavor: including pepper, Chinese prickly ash, chili, onion, garlic, ginger, etc. 1, pepper ( Pepper) Are more widely application. It taste spicy, fragrant, and slightly spicy. Pepper with black pepper and white pepper, with black hu's sharp flavor is strong, in the meat products, besides a few varieties of enema granulation use are made of pepper. 2, Chinese prickly ash, The sichuan pepper) The spicy taste mottled with fragrance. Chinese prickly ash has to shan anticorrosive effect, be applied especially in cattle and lamb products. Because its spicy strong, the dosage should be appropriate. 3, chili spicy taste, have anticorrosive, antiseptic effect. 4, green can produce special spicy and fragrance, and can promote the secretion of digestive juice, increase appetite. Onions and meat when cooking together, can eliminate the bad smell of meat, and produce special sweetness. The onion has two kinds of green Chinese onion and onion. 5, garlic garlic has a special kind of spicy. Can increase the flavor and fragrance products, especially widely used in the su shi enema. Garlic also has inhibition and bactericidal action. Add garlic products can prolong the preservation time. Mash with garlic as seasonings, must, mixing in the meat. Garlic powder instead of garlic is also available. Have white and purple skin garlic, with purple skin had better quality. 6, ginger is a common spices, has special aroma and spicy, can increase the flavor of products. Aromaticity spices: include cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, amomum fruit, star anise, fennel, cumin, etc. 1, cassia, full-bodied fragrance, can increase the flavor products, increase appetite. Can be cooked with products at the same time, also can be crushed into fine at the end of the add to the meat. 2, cloves, clove and cinnamon aroma and effect, often as a substitute of cinnamon. Cloves crushed in meat products, aroma is very significant. But because of nitrite have decolorization effect, therefore only used in a minority of enema. 3, nutmeg is also called the sarcocarp, nutmeg. A spicy smell, taste sweet cool, unique aroma. Will add to the meat powder into the fruit with good flavor, especially widely used in the enema. 4, the kernel is also called the cardamom. Containing camphor fragrant smell, taste sour, chew and cool slightly bitter, as one of the Chinese taste enema spices. 5, Angle of fennel and anise, star anise, wait the north said aniseed. For common spices, unique aroma, sweet can make the products, and a preservative. 6, fennel can make the products have special aromatic smell, is often used with star anise.
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