Spices - The effect of cinnamon and pharmacological effects

by:Hetian     2020-08-26
Spices: cinnamon everyone not unfamiliar, is a very good kind of spices, basic can see in each kitchen. As we all know in some meat dishes, add the right amount of cinnamon will likely make person appetite is big, which also indirectly promote the body metabolism, to understand the effect of cinnamon and pharmacological action today! Cinnamon as a condiment, attention should be paid to the amount of time shoulds not be too much, feel and damp moldy cinnamon is unfavorable to continue to eat, otherwise not only will affect the taste of food, also more easily lead to the emergence of the disease. Mainly because of safrole cinnamon contain carcinogenic factors, in the case of non-essential must be forbidden to eat. Cinnamon aroma fragrance, due to containing volatile oil can make the meat dishes remove red in solution greasy, fragrant delicious, then an appetite. Add cinnamon, in their diet may help prevent or delay caused by old Ⅱ insulin response ability, greatly speed up the metabolism of glucose. Its pharmacological effects: cinnamon contains cinnamic aldehyde, clove oil, phenol pharmacological see article cinnamon and cloves. A cinnamon varieties did not indicate the in vitro of Xu Lanshi favus bacteria and its variant of Mongolia, mind MAO versicolor bacterium and so on the many kinds of pathogenic fungi have different degrees of inhibition, water infusion than decoction function is strong, ether and alcohol extract is better than water infusion. So their effective components could be volatile oil class, whether is reported for the first clove oil phenol. Every day in the liquid food or drink to add 1/4 to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, have a therapeutic effect on type Ⅱ prostatic hyperplasia, and can increase the blood flow of prostate tissue, promote the improvement of the local tissue blood supply. Price of spices: believe you to look at the above articles, understanding of spices, cinnamon has more! Friend can feel free to contact us anytime:
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