Spices: spices and preservation of both stories

by:Hetian     2020-08-27
Spices, said prices manufacturers in meat processing, in order to improve product flavor and shape, prolong the shelf life of food, often can add some natural or synthetic material, such as preservatives mainly through control microbial proliferation, protein decomposition of chilled meat, fat oxidation to prolong the shelf life of chilled meat. General antiseptic can be divided into chemical preservatives and natural preservatives, chemical preservatives, though anticorrosive effect is good, easy to use, but there are some potential safety hazard, its residual chemicals can also cause pollution. And spices as a natural preservative more and more get the welcome of producers and consumers. Natural spices such as pepper, cinnamon, etc can be used directly after processing of spices, but natural flavor not health, bacteriostasis and anticorrosion efficiency low, the application in meat products processing industry co. , LTD. ; Mixed spices like curry powder is the natural flavor through chemical processing, to extract the effective components, made from enrichment, again. Most of the spices contain inhibit bacteria, antisepsis, ingredients, this is the important reason for the spices can keep fresh. The main components of the onion to thioether compounds; The composition of ginger is mainly ketone of ginger oil, ginger ene phenol; Chinese prickly ash peel contains spicy naphtha and prickly ash incense oil hydrocarbon, etc. ; Nutmeg main composition of terpene, have antioxidant effect; Phenolics has good scavenging free radicals, so has the very good oxidation resistance, spices of lipid oxidation in meat is a major cause of its deterioration, studies have shown that most spices good antisepsis effect. Spices extracts in addition to the role of the antioxidant, and obvious bacteriostasis, including phenolic compounds can destroy the cell membrane, affecting bacteria genetic material composition, spice essential oils in the kind of terpenoid substances can reduce the stability of the biofilm, thus it could reduce the risk of contamination of food microorganism and prevent food rot. Above is the price of spices manufacturer to bring information, learn more related knowledge introduction, welcome to our official website.
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