Spices price: the four methods of use of ginger

by:Hetian     2020-08-28
Spices: ginger is indispensable in many dishes spicy condiment, then how to relief can properly increase fresh to add color can make the dishes? Here, we come to learn. 1, ginger piece into the dish to xing shan processed into blocks or ginger, majority is in the fire work in food, such as stew, braised, grilled heat, burning, boiled, cooking methods, such as the removal of aquatic products, livestock XingShan smell. Fire workers dishes with ginger, mainly take its flavour, and mature after refuse to ginger. So to be processed into pieces or slices ginger, and want to use the blade tenderizer, make its split, facilitate ginger to overflow, into food. 2, shredded ginger into food ingredients of common Jiang Youxin ginger, turmeric, ginger, ginger, according to the color and red claws and cucumber ginger, ginger spicy heavier fragrance, can be made in any food condiment, but also for food ingredients. New ginger, thin skin, tender meat, taste is weak; Turmeric, spicy scent from weak to strong, meat quality by soft and strong, is the top grade ginger; Ginger, commonly known as ginger, ginger, namely skin thick flesh, strong spicy flavor, but aroma turmeric; Ginger, accompanied by ginger bud, can be used as a side dish or sauce pickled dishes, delicious. New ginger and turmeric processing into silk, still can do cold dishes ingredients, increase fresh, have a function of sterilization and disinfection. As the jiangsu traditional 'salad mix kan-ssu', it is cut each generous dried beancurd in 20 or so, then fine cut into thin kan-ssu than matches, with boiling water immersion scalding 3 times, crowded to moisture, serving plate, top that release ginger silk, pour seasonings. 3 and ginger into the dish color double internal organs of the aquatic product, poultry, and eggs raw materials red, shan odor is thicker, cooking sauce of the ginger is cannot little. Make ingredients to cook some dishes available shredded ginger, and the fire dishes ( Jargon called AGAR AGAR) With ginger ( ) To red in the shan, general cooking, dishes with meters up fresh ginger. Ginger in cooking purposes is very big, is very exquisite, but not necessarily any food ginger is to be used for seasoning, such as single itself contains natural aromatic flavor of vegetables, be flavored with ginger, m, is bound to 'a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role', affect the flavor. 4 fresh ginger, ginger into food since the increase in ancient times which is also called 'xinjiang', meaning 'the xinjiang imperial hundreds of evil'. Ginger sex temperature cold evil, use of ginger, the special function, people eating cold dishes, often with ginger, rice vinegar with food, vinegar to red in the effect of warming the stomach, combined with ginger, meters, complement each other, can prevent diarrhea, sterilization, also can promote digestion. Above is the price of spices manufacturer to bring information, learn more related knowledge introduction, welcome to our website!
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