Spices price: shallot, preserved properly

by:Hetian     2020-08-25
Spices price: chives to spleen appetizer, increase appetite, can also reduce the smell of food. Today, the correct way of save the chives to share with you! 1, one-time buy back a lot of shallot, then wash, until dry cut into small pieces, with a fresh bag into the freezer. If the need when cooking chives are come out from the refrigerator, and back again. Delicious, such as new, convenient and quick. 2, when buy chives energizer to buy take root, and then in to cut down the root had to eat leaves. Would be better if you can find a flower pot, no flower pot also can be used bottles, plunge into several holes in the bottle, and then put the chives planted into the soil. Over time you will find that the original dry leaves slowly fall off, from the middle out new tender green shoots, slowly grow up just like you buy chives. So when there is a need to cooking can from their flowerpots picking a few root. Price of spices manufacturer said, at last: shallot, belongs to the regeneration system. Every time when you need to eat better not uprooted, can put their leaves, so over a period of time, broken leaves will grow well again. Chives roots even dry and withered in soil can still survive.
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