Spices - - Make important points five-spice powder

by:Hetian     2020-08-25
Types have a lot of spice contains, spices production prices manufacturers to share with you today the six note points of five-spice powder, learn together! 1, the identification was carried out on the selection of spices. 2, the further inspection on the raw material, such as found that the raw material moisture content too much, you must buy the sun to dry respectively, and then put the net pot, small fire slowly baked or put drying oven with low temperature air drying methods such as dry processing. 3, again into the crusher of broken respectively, in principle is as thin as possible. 4, after smashing the spices, in accordance with the formula ratio accurately weighing, all in the mixer mixing, take out again after check. In the concrete operation test, also can increase or decrease in accordance with the proportion of the amount of various spices. 5, and finally into the container seal preservation. 6, can also be dry after first after weighing mixed proportion of raw materials according to the formula, and then to crushing, sieving, packing etc. But no matter use what way, using what kind of craft, must be accurately weighed, in order to make consistent product flavor. Five-spice powder on the basis of different spices, ingredients, it has a variety of different flavors and different names, such as spicy, spicy, is indispensable to a home cooking for seasoning. The elementary element of the five-spice powder is ground into a powder of Chinese prickly ash, cinnamon, star anise, clove, fennel seed. In edible spices spices price said, at last, due to its strong taste, appropriate, whether use, general 2 ~ 5 grams. Spices and/or rich, spicy and slightly sweet taste, it is mainly used for modulation brine food and barbecue food, or pickles were used as excipients and hotpot condiment, etc.
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