Spices can be used to remove the smell in the marinating dishes

by:Hetian     2020-08-27
Spices used for marinating dishes, in addition to the role of flavouring, actually to cheat, in addition to the role of vision, the more prized wants to use properly, do 'discharge' god, you must first understand why spices have increase incense, to cheat, in addition to the effect of different. The price of spices manufacturers and everybody together and have a look. First of all, the ingredients of the 'red' and 'shan' 'smelly flavor is the main source of food itself contains special ingredients, such as sulfide, nitride, carbide and other components, these components have a plenty of ingredients contained in itself, some are in the process of machining because of the high temperature, what we smell or taste smell it is the material of the four-walled. So, want to remove or reduce the 'smell', requires the adoption of specific means to reduce or eliminate the odor composition. And spices to cheat in addition to the effect of different principle, can be roughly divided into two categories: chemical go red in the vision and cover, correct xing in addition to the different ( The physical mechanism of deodorization) 。 A: chemical to cheat in addition to the principle of different spices is contained in some of the chemical composition and ingredients of some of the chemical composition, the combination of chemical reaction, and then the 'smell' composition of ingredients into smaller new material no odor or smell, so as to achieve the aim of to cheat in addition to the vision, called chemical to cheat in addition to the different principle. For example, white cardamom is contained in materials such as linalool, limonene, amomum contains geraniol, class contains ginger alcohol, etc. , can make the smell of meat food ingredients oxidization, make the peculiar smell. In the process of eliminating odor composition, also tend to generate a new substances, these substances emanating fragrance, can you improve rich aroma and taste of food. Second, mask, correction principle except through the chemical reaction to remove or reduce the ingredients in the peculiar smell, flavor 'in addition to the different features of another reason, is released for outstanding chemical odor, to stimulate people's sense of smell and taste organs, transfer, spread or blur our attention to the food itself odor or smell, so as to achieve the aim of cover' different '. The use of spices smell strongly suppress, cover the practice of bad smell, is covering up, correction mechanism, can also be called a physical in addition to the different mechanism. Such as thyme, rosemary, clove and lemongrass, they contain phenol, alkene material strong fragrance, if a certain dosage, has obvious cover effect to foul odor; Again like Chinese prickly ash, chili, long pepper, spicy ingredients they contain, if reaches a certain amount, they can cause paralysis for people's taste, smell organ function, make the person temporarily lose feeling of peculiar smell, and indirectly, in addition to the vision. It is important to note that in the above two kinds of principle at the same time, give play to the role of to cheat in addition to the vision through new materials produced by chemical reaction and spices flavor substances released itself, to improve the food flavor wind also has a positive effect.
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