Speak of pepper pepper manufacturer folk prescription

by:Hetian     2020-08-22
Pepper manufacturer about pepper white pepper and black pepper, black pepper walk, heavy, taste better; White pepper medicinal value higher, go watch, essien scattered effect is better. Folk prescription of pepper do steps: 1, the treatment of stomachache. The pepper 0. 6 - 1. 5 g r mix water to add brown sugar at the end of the swallow, also can use pepper bubble wine to the chest, can treat stomach pain caused by catch cold catch cold. 2, red jujube 5, white pepper 10 grain. First wash red date and to nuclear, white pepper slightly cracked. And then within each have to nuclear jujube in the white pepper, 2 PCS for cooking, place on rice steaming cooked food. The temperature of tonifying spleen, warming the stomach pain. Suitable for cold sex have a stomachache. 1 (3, 12 grams, pepper pork bellies About 600 grams) Jujube for 5 pieces. Pork bellies with raw powder, salt scrub, both inside and outside, wash. Put pepper in pork belly inside, thread suture, and jujube together into the pot, add water right amount, high heat after boiling, slow fire boil for 3 hours, to taste, eat pork belly, jujube drink soup. The temperature in the spleen, cold pain. 一个。 The smell of pepper can increase appetite; b。 White pepper medicinal value is bigger, can be good, cold, etc. , can increase appetite, digestion, promote sweating; c。 Pepper warm, to the stomach cold stomach, abdominal pain, borborygmus, diarrhea due to have a good relief, and treatment of chill cold; d。 Pepper has the effect of antiseptic bacteriostasis, meat, fish and shrimp and detoxification.
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