Soon, wholesale spices to teach you how to distinguish the stand or fall of soon, factory

by:Hetian     2020-09-20
How to distinguish the quality soon, soon, that is commonly used in family, food, cooked food processing spices, soon, have a low found in hot, hot, hot, the method of making the oldest is natural drying or slow fire after drying, use stone mortar dao, due to the acceleration of industrialization process, this method is only in a handful of rural families have used, on the market soon, is commonly used industrial machine. For soon, many ordinary consumers may not know how to distinguish, today, spices, plant is the key to tell you about quality soon, and the difference between the inferior soon, think consumers how to distinguish. The coup recognition to give everyone a little science: first truly green soon, hot slice for oily, dry after not mildew to change, also do not contain any impurities, they do not agglomerate, also won't appear dye hand phenomenon, nose to smell, there will be a pungent and spicy. Color is natural, generally it was also because of its plant, so the color will change over time, the change from the original dark to light color, if in the sun too long, they will fade away. Inferior soon, if add the chemical composition or sulfur smoked, would have been very bright color, put for a long time, even the color is basically the same. If mixed with wheat, corn, corn flour, etc. , the color looks a little yellow or reddish, taste is not too spicy, if you accidentally touch the hand, will be a red, put these soon, in the water, some additives will be floating on the surface of the water. Finally, spice plant to tell consumers a coup, is to take a small bowl, put a little soon, go in, add a little cooking oil, put a put, after mixing in a few hours after the observation, if the color is red, that might be added unknown chemicals, if the color basically remain unchanged, then this is healthy soon. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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