Small coup - teach you boil zanthoxylum oil Easy to learn

by:Hetian     2020-08-24
Chinese prickly ash zanthoxylum oil wholesale manufacturers today to share with you the producing method, we'll go to learn. 1, will be a small amount of dried prickly ash and 500 g cane pepper immersion to about 2. 5 litres of rapeseed oil. 2, open the fire boil, then turn to low heat, small fire boil for 15 minutes. 3, stewing cane pepper change from green to yellow can turn off the heat, when the oil to cool slightly. 4, oil slightly after cooling, the rattan pepper into first without water glass vessel, will pour into oil. 5, the cane pepper soaked in oil. 6, cane chili after soaking remaining oil out of the bottle, can timely supplement into the bubble rattan pepper in the bottle. Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturers to share of zanthoxylum oil producing method learned? Quickly away like friends, to learn more knowledge, also can pay attention to our website!
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