Skyhawk pepper, the analysis of the causes of low price!

by:Hetian     2020-10-08
Skyhawk by 18 years inventory of chili pepper market, and the downward price of garlic objective cause, pepper prices have been falling. At the same time new stock listing delayed nearly one month. The diversified development of pepper, combined with increasing sales channels and the change of the way, sales chain and traditional way, have been unable to grasp the market changes and trends. Whether Chinese chili or import pepper, start all the way crazy rise from march, until September! But from September to now, just two months time dropped from 12 yuan per kilogram to now more than 6 yuan a catty, down almost in half. As wholesale bright purchase mentality: why don't you act fast within 7 yuan now? Analysis of the reason is: first, import pepper uncertainty; 2, what causes now will come back to the same period of last year's price, and from the comparison of quality, price is lower than last year! Three, the profit space and the value of the long-term storage, conclusion: from the experience of the past few years the stock is out of step with the sales, investment of capital and gain profit is not ideal! Sometimes it is better to save bank finance. Four, farmers grow staple food prices have been depressed, local governments in attention to strengthen the economy of pepper, hot pepper industry to stimulate the local economy all around as the crucial focus on project out of poverty. In this way, the next year's national plant will continue to expand, related into a larger, more complete industrial system, the higher the production! The price will be lower. At least not higher than this year. Market instability change so looking existing in the inventory of the pepper industry with incremental: if the next hot pepper industry rapid development all the way! Star road royal road to learning! As a traditional operators but thinking is a kind of worry! If ups and downs is intense, the market now is the prelude to the pursuit of profit maximization. Beg solid, steady growth is now a lot of chili person state of mind. Be afraid of nothing! From now until the end of the year the tepid, now the purchase price, such as boiled frog, floating up and down is not large, had been put off until next year. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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