Reliable company for dried chili peppers
If you're looking for a trustworthy dried chili peppers manufacturer, Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. would definitely be your answer. Our goal is to meet customers with dependable quality, high performance, fast turnaround, and competitive rates. That's exactly why our customers rely on us as their main provider. The superior quality, delivery, and pricing features are what sets us apart from competitors.

Hetian has been exporting our own high quality jalapeno powder for decades. Hetian's main products include cooking spices series. Appropriate voltage values are extremely important. Hetian chili powder recipe is designed in a perfect interval of voltage. This voltage interval is not so high and not so low because over high voltage may shorten the service of LEDs and too low voltage may emit insufficient illuminance. The product is not susceptible to mold contamination. our team would increase investment in innovation.

The customer satisfaction level is what we pursue. We have conducted many surveys to get an insight into the market trends, customers' needs, and our competitors. We believe these surveys can help us provide more-targeted service to our customers. Call!
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