Producing dried chillies, wholesale price and dynamic

by:Hetian     2020-10-04
Zhecheng jingxin diamond, linying, jinxiang dry chili wholesale prices zhecheng jingxin diamond region today pimentos prices remained stable storage, price is higher, merchants deny price more, less volume, trading slightly stalemate. Pepper products three cherry pepper quotation in 10 Chambers. 60 - 10. 80 yuan/jin, bullet rolls good offer 10. 50 - 11. 00 yuan/kg. Linying region hard pimentos price stability in the run today. Merchants take a relatively positive of goods, cargo increased slightly, the owner sell will better goods, price, good in the market. At present three cherry pepper good quotation 10. 60 - 10. 70 yuan/jin, bullet good offer 10. 80 - 11. 00 yuan/kg. Jinxiang region pimentos prices remained stable, trading volume is not large, for sale, supply of goods is not much. Affected by the recent rise in price is rised the owner of the emotional stirrings. At present three cherry pepper products offer 10. About 50 yuan/jin, gradeless and uniformly priced goods quotation on 10. 10 yuan/jins. Wholesale prices xian xian, kailu, zunyi dried chillies region pimentos prices rose slightly, buying and selling situation is relatively stable. Influenced by other region rise in price, the owner of the local charge are hardening, pimentos have 1 - price 2 hair increases, buyers remain on-demand take goods, purchasing quantity changed little. At present three cherry pepper, and a new generation of gradeless and uniformly priced goods on offer. 50 - 9. 60 yuan/kg. Inner Mongolia kailu area pimentos prices continued stability of partial hard, walk not much cargo. Affected by the price increase, the shipper has certain rised phenomenon, supply source is slightly reduced, for hardening. Buyers with the situation remained stable. Beijing red Chambers currently offer in June. 20 - 6. 30 yuan/kg. Frozen fresh chili prices haven't changed much, frozen MAC 2400 - quotation 2500 yuan/ton. Guizhou zunyi: all over the sky star: 11. 50 yuan/catty about ( Good) , colourful pepper: 10. 20 yuan/catty about ( Good) , bell pepper: 14. 50 yuan/catty about ( Good) 。 Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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