Price: spices spices categories of attributes

by:Hetian     2020-08-26
Spices: price has a lot of the kinds of spices, it is also indispensable condiment in our usual diet, today, from the following five categories to introduce to you. 1, luzhou-flavor: on the basis of the general material spiced sand, meat, Chloe, cardamom, XinGeng, geranyl imports, made peculiar smell, such as sausage, roast chicken, pot stewed chicken and high-grade barbecue. 2, spicy type: on the basis of spiced with pepper qingchuan, long pepper, pepper, cardamom, dried ginger, amomum, ginger, etc. , in the midst of fire, to put into the proper chili, have the taste of hot, hemp in order to achieve. Different usage, in JiaoZi and Chinese prickly ash hot oil fry are available, and achieve the feeling of sweet, also has ground to a powder, have all thrown into the pot boiled water. 3, XinWen type: star anise, cinnamon, small spiced Hui, Chinese prickly ash, clove said, generally suitable for use in home snacks, melon seeds, sauces, broad scope, suitable for mass tastes. General circulation five-spice powder on the market are mainly small Hui, ground cinnamon, star anise, clove, so there is no taste, actual production, should be given priority to with star anise, clove, the other is complementary. 4, nourishing type, such as rhizoma gastrodiae, fructus momordicae, when ginseng, cinnamon, as excipients with soft-shelled turtle, hen, dog meat, is big, can be an aphrodisiac in the kidney, replenishing qi, strengthen the immunity of human body. 5, odor type: grass Chloe, meat, Chloe, radix aucklandiae, galangal, pepper, one thousand health, cortex periplocae qingchuan, cortex eucommiae plus spiced with boiled water, this gives a person the sense with pure and fresh taste. Above is the price of spices manufacturers bring information to share, learn more related knowledge introduction, welcome to our official website.
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