Price of capsicum frutescens var quick rise as 'sky', pepper prices rising?

by:Hetian     2020-10-03
Capsicum frutescens var price rising for capsicum frutescens var are used mainly as a dry chili, its spicy special thick, and also special fragrance, favored by consumers said. Especially for food industry, capsicum frutescens var is an indispensable condiment, of course, for those who like spicy consumers, but love is not release. Proud pepper prices this year in the 'hot' in the market, prices rose by 80% during the same period last year, the average price is from last year's rise in 6 yuan per kilogram now around 11 yuan per kilogram of good market, the price of dried capsicum frutescens var is rising quickly. Capsicum frutescens var price why high all the way? First, due to the production of pepper production last year everybody vaguely remember last year's typhoon attacked the great river north and south in our country, and then led to the wet weather is more, the growth of pepper was affected, causing 30% hot pepper production, then appeared the hot weather, hot pepper pollination. As the saying goes, 'fear flooded melon afraid scraping, smoke, chili dreads the rainy day', so the high temperature and drizzly weather natural disasters led to pepper production in large quantities. Second, and last year's storm hit in shandong province and henan province, the vegetable greenhouses planting base of greenhouse submerged and submerged in shouguang shelter or washed out 200000, reduced the shed pepper planted area, also makes the vegetables are in short supply this year, prices rose, comprehensive pepper prices, of course, also belong to the normal market. Third, chili imports this year will be reduced. Our country is a relatively important pepper consumption country, need to be imported from India every year 100000 tons of pepper, but India is also because of the natural disasters caused a hot pepper production, 2 ~ 30000 tons of pepper imports this year will be reduced. It also makes the domestic pepper prices for another reason. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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