Pepper pepper cake can be used to do

by:Hetian     2020-08-27
Pepper is a kind of seasoning of people's common, it is divided into black pepper and white pepper, pepper into the soup cooking, food smells or tastes are very delicious! So, my friends know pepper pepper cake can be used to do? Pepper pepper manufacturer to tell you about the magical thing about this - — Pepper cake! Step 1: cut fat dicing, parsley at the end of the fine. Set aside. Step 2: will be thick thin mince, add water to jilt hit sticky, then except at the end of the spring onion mixture mix all the rest of the filling material within the filling, put in the refrigerator cold night. Set aside. Step 3: turn the pepper rod bread dough into 1 big piece of rectangular face, brush on the salad oil ( Left 1/5 of the bar no adhesive brushing oil eli) , will face up growth of the cylindrical, such as divided into 20 equal parts, each small dough into central thicker, around a thin round pieces. Step four: to every small bag into the stuffing with chopped green onion ( On the filling) , convergent pinched, nettley, brush with egg water, white sesame, down in the baking tray; Maltose on circular brush again water, above the 20-220 ℃ baking under fire 25 minutes ( After being crust surface shader to fire off) 。 Although pepper is so small, but its use is very big still, it not only can be used for seasoning, cooking can also be used to self-defense! Next time we could tell a girl how to self-defense in pepper!
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