Pepper mill used by westerners

by:Hetian     2020-08-26
Pepper for you familiar with it, so what is the pepper mill? Today, a little pepper manufacturer to introduce its use and its related knowledge for all of us! Use: 1, to open the bottles; One of 2, see instructions can adjust knob of the pepper thickness, button it down; 3, into the new pepper; 4, with reference to the same, put back the plastic knob. Pepper mill size choice: should choose ceramic machine core as a general grinding core, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, no pollution, can guarantee the natural aromatic seasoning. Of course this also depends on personal habits. Hot style is 18 cm long, with pepper too much or too little, rotating mill, also handy. Pay attention to the western diet is that even if the food to the front, on the dining table still have put such as mill and wine to strengthen and eating utensils. And the elegant restaurant, the more like to use wood, especially with nostalgia. Table used to put two Peugeot mill: a salt, a ground pepper, each have beauty, Chinese food western food. Someone asked why ground pepper? Pepper manufacturer said with mill is grinding raw grain, can retain the pepper and nutrients, fresh pepper seasoning function into full play and medicinal value.
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