Pepper manufacturer: pregnant mother cooking pay attention to the use of seasoning

by:Hetian     2020-08-26
Pepper manufacturer: believe that many mothers just pregnant, the in the mind is very uneasy, the whole family cook what all don't know what to put ought not to put, also don't know should shouldn't eat a lot. Today to introduce is the spice of mothers during pregnancy, matters needing attention, learn together! 1, star anise, everyone should have to eat when you eat the experience of star anise, star anise smell acrid, pregnant women if swallowed in the intestines and stomach will cause great influence, it is easy to constipation, and star anise is not suitable for Yin fire eating, easy to damage the eyes. 2, cassia cinnamon and anise, cooking is always put spices, but eating also easy to cause the pregnant woman constipation, therefore is not recommended when cooking with cinnamon. 3, monosodium glutamate, MSG has been our important spices in the kitchen, but will pay attention to the mother! MSG contains sodium glutamate affects pregnant women for the absorption of zinc, zinc content in the blood of the pregnant women are insufficient, the fetus has long been under condition of zinc deficiency, whether mental or physical development in the future, will be affected. 4, chicken essence, someone may ask, MSG can not eat, chicken essence can put? The chemical composition of chicken essence and monosodium glutamate actually about the same, and more than MSG added chemical additives such as increase fresh agent, compared to the MSG, chicken essence more is not recommended to eat. 5, mint mint are forbidden to add reason mainly is the taste of mint contain irritating, pregnant women nerves too much stimulus will have bad effect on fetal development. Mint irritating ingredients can be absorbed by the fetus, have unpredictable effects on fetal development, on the safe side, don't touch the mint during pregnancy. 6, often eat pepper pepper is easy to cause constipation during pregnancy, or acne, overdoing it is easy to affect appetite, the fetus skin also is not very good, recommend that pregnant women eat less or not. Above is the manufacturer of pepper to bring information to share, learn more related knowledge introduction, welcome to focus on our official website.
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