Pepper can be used to self-defense

by:Hetian     2020-08-28
Ed a few days ago had said with pepper self-defense to to tell you about some things, so a few days, editing almost forgotten, then everyone followed the editing of pepper manufacturer come in the next. Pepper or pepper and water and into the pepper, and chili powder, pepper spray, salt, mustard, etc are all outstanding in self-defense even, we can talk about why they are so popular? First of all, they make up more simple, only it is ok to need water and pepper; Secondly if a girl strength may be small, the more convenient to operate; Once again, their small size, small carry-on bag or pocket is very convenient. Is a place where people go out in the outside is not convenient to have a lot of, self protection is very important, I hope you pay attention, pepper manufacturer about the subject of some heavy today, next time we Shared about the content of the spices small cute! ! ! !
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