Pepper can be used to make pepper spray

by:Hetian     2020-08-25
Pepper manufacturer: it is not only a good flavor, is a kind of precious medicinal materials, in addition, pepper can also be used to make pepper spray, below, we learn! 1, first of all to pepper mill into powder, the powder to mill, or poor water-soluble bad effect. 2, pour into a container with a dry pepper, then add two times the size of the warm water bath heating and stirring after alcohol. After two hours with gauze filter, filter the liquid left! 3, one of the filtrate concentrated to 3 points, or a quarter, if the sediment is generated, should be to become the saturated liquid. Finally enrichment can use natural evaporation or evaporation and concentration the two heating methods. 4, will make a good solution into the cabinet and easy to carry, watering can carry, at any time in times of crisis. 5, made pepper water do not spray on others at random! Because this is intentional injury, if caused any high for each other, care each other make you bear legal responsibility. Above is the manufacturer of pepper to bring information to share, I believe you have learned, learn more knowledge, can focus on our website.
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