People who visit the Cayman Islands simply cannot

by:Hetian     2020-06-26
Restaurant owners in the Cayman Islands take their businesses seriously. This is quite natural because tourism is the main industry that adds to the economy of this region. From the congenial and friendly atmosphere to quick serving staff and lots of entertainment opportunities, there is not a single dull moment. The main food ingredients of this region include freshly caught seafood, poultry, meat and several colorful vegetables and fruits. The spices and varied garnishing elements make these dishes a scrumptiously visual delight. Culinary Influences The food served in Cayman is a splendid amalgamation of numerous culinary influences. The effects of colonial culture are prominent both in the historical structures dotting the islands as well as the food served. One can find Spanish, British, Chinese, native Indian, and Dutch influences working their way into the food. People who are looking for authentic Cayman cuisine need to search for venues that offer the traditional dishes in an indigenous setting. This surely will be an experience to remember. Fruits and vegetables Ackee, coconuts, and carambola are the main fruits available at these islands. Coconut milk is used as an important ingredient in several food preparations. Carambola is used in salads and various types of desserts. Ackee is a fruit acquired from the evergreen tree growing in this part of the world that tastes like scrambled eggs. Desserts are also prepared with other exotic fruits like mango. Numerous fresh vegetables are grown here on the island and used in traditional cooking. Potato, yams, green bananas, boniato, yucca and calabaza are only some of the types one can find being used in the important dishes at the restaurants, here. Seafood Nothing beats the heavenly smell and the taste of seafood caught from the Caribbean Sea and cooked in delicious sauce and spices. It is a treat for the gustatory buds in all respects. Shrimps, red snappers, octopus, codfish and ceviches constitute a part of the plethora of seafood dishes prepared by the delightful and experienced chefs at Grand Cayman Island restaurants. Salted, sun dried fish also forms an important part of the cooking delicacies which enthrall the visitors to these eateries. Some other traditional fare Besides the myriad choices from the ocean and agricultural outputs, some other local favorites that the tourists can enjoy include the curried goat meat and delicious chicken. Welcome to gastronomical paradise!
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