Millet pepper wholesale suppliers for your answer: millet pepper's main purpose

by:Hetian     2020-10-06
Millet pepper trait, millet pepper for fierce hot peppers, spiciness 120000 SHU, commonly known as Vietnam pepper, sweet princess, ruby, etc. , small fruit growth (cultivates a solitary 3 a 5 cm) 。 Growth in the south more, spicy aroma, seed thin skin, wrinkled skin. Spiciness: millet pepper for fierce hot peppers, make necessary ingredient for cooked food and hot pot. Pepper type: type millet chili pepper and common wild pepper pepper, pepper is about 2 - long 3cm。 Palate: millet pepper, chili belongs to spicy incense, seed and thin skin. Color: color after dried the pale red, wrinkled skin, color bright but not brilliant red. Application: suitable for high hot cooked food ingredients and accoutrements. Fresh capsicum frutescens: there are two main processing method is a clean, fresh capsicum frutescens put into blender beat, take pepper spray filter, mainly used for making the salad. 2 it is clean, fresh capsicum frutescens chopped after direct mixing cold dishes or making other dishes. Dried capsicum frutescens application methods: take dried capsicum frutescens with scissors, cut into filaments, add beef, together making very heavily into food spicy. Spice factory constant temperature drying, sings is pure without add spice factory in shandong, currently has six at or above the county level nationwide large-scale production base of one hundred thousand mu of natural and India cooperation base, companies rely on the base of unique natural resources, and the long ping high-tech - — Hybird seed industry cooperation, the main concept of food safety, give priority to with natural pollution-free products, implementation of a chain, production, sales. After removing bad millet pepper water to remove, and then use the dryer all-round constant temperature drying, no use of sulphur and other additives, pigments, etc. , to ensure high quality, to reassure buyers to eat healthy, no burden. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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