Little knowledge about Chinese prickly ash

by:Hetian     2020-08-24
Knowledge about you every day to eat Chinese prickly ash how much do you know? Below, Qingdao prickly ash wholesale manufacturers and we briefly introduce the little knowledge about Chinese prickly ash, hope to help you. Chinese prickly ash plant of rutaceae shrubs or small trees green peppers dry and mature skin, generally mature before, during, and after the beginning of autumn. Produced in sichuan, shaanxi, henan, hebei, shanxi, yunnan province, sichuan to produce, the quality of production in hebei, shanxi. Chinese prickly ash is unique to Chinese spices, sauce ranks first of 'thirteen'. Regardless of braise in soy sauce, braised food, dishes, sichuan pickled sheep, chickens, ducks, fish dishes are available to it, can be coarse grinding into powder, and salt and mix well as salt and pepper, dip in for eating. Divided into two kinds of big pepper and pepper for good flavor seasoning, can also be squeezed, yield efficiency over 25%. Zanthoxylum oil has a strong smell, is a kind of very good cooking oil. Production of Chinese prickly ash and hot, stir-fry until after the overflow. On the cooking can use alone, such as pepper noodles; Also can mixture seasoning and other raw materials, a wide use, the effect is very good, like the flower of the spicy noodles, salt and pepper, onion salt and pepper, etc. Chinese prickly ash edible effect 1. Insect repellent to eat Chinese prickly ash water can expel parasite. 【 Chinese prickly ash wholesale. 2. Increase or decrease appetite Chinese prickly ash, but in addition to all kinds of meat XingShan odor, can promote the secretion of saliva, increase appetite. 3. Blood pressure studies have found that, Chinese prickly ash can expand blood vessels, which could have the effect of lowering blood pressure. Chinese prickly ash when the choose and buy of choose and buy Chinese prickly ash, a look, it is wrapped ( The outer layer of the nuclear) Large and full belongs to top grade; Second, Chinese prickly ash if no heating, a hard fragrance; Aromatic when three rub, rub is good Chinese prickly ash, or in water and rub hands leave after weigh color has a heavy color, may be a pigment. 【 Chinese prickly ash wholesale. 1 food taboos of Chinese prickly ash. Pregnant women, Yin fire diet. 2. Eating too much easy to consume the intestinal moisture cause constipation. The nutritional value of fruit contain volatile oil, oil of main ingredients for limonene, low alcohol, the cattle. In addition and contain phytosterols and unsaturated organic acids and other compounds. The above is the Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturer of small knowledge sharing about Chinese prickly ash, for more information, please pay attention to my company's official website.
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