Line pepper wholesale small encyclopedia 丨 line pepper how to save for a long time?

by:Hetian     2020-09-25
What shelf life extension pepper? Line pepper made one generally kept longer. Choose with handle no diseases and pests, no wound, skin have red or reddish line pepper, after wash on the noon sun cannot direct drying ( Note not insolate in bright light) Works, to eighty percent, recovery of piled in a dry place, make its sweating ( Return) , then moved to the sunlight to dry, dry good dry chili with containers can be keep in a dry and ventilated place. Shandong spice plant, the supply of dried chillies, super long shelf life enterprise shandong spices plant dried chillies, USES the international advanced high temperature smokeless and steam baking, drying degree more than 9. 5, easy to store. At the same time, adopt standard woven bag or harmless sealed plastic bags, greatly prolong the retention period. About 20 ℃ temperatures, a month is not going to happen metamorphism etc. Phenomenon, for bulk purchase. In addition, shandong spices plant chili is the most original way of planting plant harvest, in the process of processing is not add any chemical element, natural and healthy. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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