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by:Hetian     2020-10-01
Age seedling cultivation is the premise of preparing nutritional soil cultivation success: 2 - in front of the seedling 3 months for the nursery area for soil fertilizer, choose not too in tomato fruit crops xiangyang, loose soil, soil and calcium superphosphate 2 kg per square meter, adding organic matter per cubic meter ( Slag fertilizer, rotten straw) 50 - 100 jins, pay attention to the insecticidal, conduct a ploughing, with pig water poured through. Prevent weeds, scarification can use. Such as the organic nutrient substance breeding under certain conditions, to ensure that do not affect the root zone soil transplanting. In before spring seedbed compartments in seedling bed: flour, including all round and flat loose, wide 1. 2 meters, length according to sowing rates ( 2 meters per bag of seeds, talent can dilute cultivating strong seedling) , but the best at 20 meters, for ventilation adjust temperature and humidity. Pay attention to the seedbed insecticidal. Line pepper seeds open management key technology points: planting compartments surface with water supply moisture to the soil by adding proper amount of fungicide ( Evil mildew, etc. ) Soil disinfection, can adopt seeding, nutrition group, such as grid seedling planting, seeding dry, cover loose, sifting fine soil 0. 5 centimeters, along the surface flat cover a layer of mulch and then cover with a layer or layer 2 meters or small tunnel insulation of 3 metres wide. Before and after the emergence of management: the seeding stage temperature low seed to sprout slowly, room temperature will take 20 days to emergence, close to 15 - after sowing Observe germination, 20 days to 70% seed germination compartments surface flat out in a timely manner will remove a layer of mulch, cover small tunnel, hang a thermometer in the middle of the small tunnel, pay attention to the temperature change, when sunny if temperature over more timely ventilation cooling, particularly among small to super long tunnel edge membrane increased, ventilation cooling so as not to burn seedlings. Seedling attention to reduce the seedbed, cataplexy disease prevention, early blight, damping off, grey mould was grasped. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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